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Kuschelig is the environment control system of the CCC Goettingen. Here are some pictures:

Ideas to Control the Valve

The valve is hooked up to a temperature controller. This temperature controller has a 'Boost' button which completely opens the valve for 300 seconds. In detail the controller behaves like this:

  • After a startup: The controller has to be configured. To do this, the boost button has to be pressed five times. Then the controller starts to learn how far to move the motor to open or close the valve. Then the controller enters 'automatic' mode.
  • Once in automatic mode, pressing the boost button results in the valve being opened for the next 300 seconds. Pressing the boost button again, within these 300 seconds stops the boost mode and the valve is closed. Pressing boost again results in the same behaviour, the valve is again opened for the next 300 seconds.

This boost button is hooked up to a DS2413, which is a switch with a onewire interface. Thus it is possible to press the boost button remotely with two onewire commands. Here is an example with the ethersex onewire master:

brickme:~# ./temp.pl boost
Command: 'boost'
> 1w list
< 1039db0002080097
< 10f965010208006a
< 100d17d001080040
< 10cfe181010800dc
< 285e7cc70100007b
< 28f15bc7010000aa
< 3a8220010000006c
< OK
Ignoring sensor 1039db0002080097
Ignoring sensor 10f965010208006a
Ignoring sensor 100d17d001080040
Ignoring sensor 10cfe181010800dc
Ignoring sensor 285e7cc70100007b
Ignoring sensor 28f15bc7010000aa
Toggling DS2413: 3a8220010000006c
> 1w ds2413 set 3a8220010000006c 00
< OK
> 1w ds2413 set 3a8220010000006c 11
< OK


The device is powered from the 1-wire bus supply, this removes the necessity to replace the batteries once a year. However, resets of the device have to be detected and handled properly to ensure that the boost button works as expected.

To do this, a detect_reboot command has been implemented on the onewire master. When a reset of the uC has occoured since this command was once triggered, this command replies with a 'reboot', otherwise with 'OK'.

Setting the Set Point

Spacemaster Bot

One of the ideas to set the Set Point is the spacemaster bot. Setting this value already remotely falls into the scope of the spacemaster and this this matches. Currently, two coarse commands have been implemented:

Marvin: help
cccgoelock@jabber.ccc.de: Available commands: restart, topic, kuschelig, cold

Kuschelig sets the temperature to 25 degrees celsius, cold to 5 degrees celsius. (Just for fun, of course. Those values and commands may be adjusted afterwards.) The values are written into on the bot server and delivered to the control script running on the space router via HTTP.

How to switch on/off the heating

  1. Read this page completely
  2. You must have registered your jabber id with the bot
  3. Switch on the spacemaster box in the space
  4. Tell the bot "kuschelig"
  5. Don't forget to say "cold" when you leave
  6. If in doubt contact Simone Heilmann


Please add cccgoelock@jabber.ccc.de to your buddy list and contact nase*, alex or sdx23 (join our MUC to do so, see Communication) if you want to be able to control the temperature set point.

Space Control Panel

This is just an idea: One could build some panels which control basic functions of the hackerspace.