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LED Cubes in English

The following pages will guide you through the construction of a 3x3x3 LED Cube. An LED Cube is a small device that is able to display bright 3D patterns with 27 Voxels.

The LED Cube Series is also our introductory course on learning soldering, some electronics and working with microcontrollers. While you are required to learn how to solder to get an LED Cube, you can completely skip the other two parts if you just want to play with it afterwards.

If you click here, you will go to the English portal o the LED Cube Series.

LED Cubes auf Deutsch

Die folgenden Seiten werden dich durch den Bau eines 3x3x3-LED Cubes fuehren. Ein LED-Cube ist ein kleines Gerät, das in der Lage ist, einfache 3D-Muster mi 27 Voxeln anzuzeigen.

Wenn du here klickst, gelangst du zum deutschen Portal der LED Cube-Serie.