LED Cube/Building From Source

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Getting the Sources

git clone http://www.0x53a.de/git/cube-3

Building the Bootloader


You will need

  • gmake
  • avr-libc, avr-binutils, avr-gcc
  • avrdude
  • an ISP- or JTAG-Programmer like AVR ISP mkII, usbasp, or any (avrdude-compatible, if you want to use the Makefile) other.

The bootloader is in the directory bootloader/firmware/. It can be built with

cd cube-3/bootloader/firmware/

To flash it, modify the bootloader/firmware/Makefile:

AVRDUDE = avrdude -P usb -c avrispmkii -p m8 -p $(DEVICE)

to match your programmer. This is the line for AVR ISP mkII. If you have a programmer, you probably know how to do this, so I won't get into it.