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LED Cube Series


Chapter 1: Build

Section 0: Preparation and Requirements

Section 1: PCB Soldering Manual

Section 2: Cube Soldering Manual

Section 3: Assembly and Testing

Chapter 2: Play

Using the Cube

Creating an Animation

Chapter 3: Learn

Understanding the Electronics

Custom Programs

Now we will learn to use the cube. But, first of all some theory.

LED Cube Operation

When powering up the LED Cube, it can be in one of two modi:

  • Bootloader Mode: In the bootloader mode, the LED Cube will enumerate at the USB Host it is connected to. You are then able to transfer a new application to the LED Cube.
  • Application Mode: In this case, the application that has been loaded last time when the LED Cube was in the bootloader mode will start.

The mode the LED cube will start in is set by the bootloader jumper. When it is on the left side, the LED Cube will be in the bootloader mode after startup.

If, on the other hand, it is on the right two pins or completely removed, The LED Cube will enter the application mode.

Creating Your Own Animation

There are many ways for creating an animation. For now, we will stick to separate frames which will be played in an endless loop. You can use our LED Cube web interface to create your animation: cube6.0x53a.de. If you do not have IPv6 uplink you may also use a proxied version of this web interface at sandroknauss.de/ledcube.

Simply use this web interface to click your own animation. Once you have finished one, click on the 'Generate HEX' button. This will generate an application for your LED Cube, playing the animation you just created. Save this hex file on your harddisk and remember where it was.