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(Command Interface)
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| retract safety catch
| retract safety catch
To modify modes use the [[#mode set]] or [[#mode get]] commands.

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Command Interface

The DING listens on *:2701/tcp for incoming connections. The protocol is ECMD with doorctl extensions.

mode set

doorctl mode set <mode>

sets the mode #Mode.

mode get

doorctl mode get

returns the currently selected #Mode.

inner door open

doorctl inner door open

retracts the safety catch of the inner door.

inner door open?

doorctl inner door open?

checks if the inner door is currently opened. This does not mean, that the safety catch is retracted but that the door is really standing open.

outer door open

doorctl outer door open

opens the outer door.


The DING has a mode register for the inner door that is always set to one of the following values:

Mode Default LED value Keymatic action when
entering mode
ERT effect
locked X --RRR-- lock door nothing
unlocked OO----- unlock door nothing
unlocked+ert -----GG unlock door retract safety catch

To modify modes use the #mode set or #mode get commands.


  • relais 1: keymatic.close
  • relais 2:
  • relais 3:

Connector pinout

These are the pinouts of the two flat cables coming from entryphone and keymatic.

Siedle entryphone

  • Pin 1: door opener connector a
  • Pin 2: door opener connector b
  • Pin 3: ERT connector a
  • Pin 4: ERT connector b
  • Pin 5-10: not used


  • Pin 1: Pushbutton lock/unlock (?)
  • Pin 2: Pushbutton common
  • Pin 3: Pushbutton lock/unlock (?)
  • Pin 4: RI common
  • Pin 5: RI dooropener
  • Pin 6: RI lock/unlock (?)
  • Pin 7: RI lock/unlock (?)
  • Pin 8: unused
  • Pin 9: RI power supply
  • Pin 10: RI power supply


  • neuen Schliesszylinder installieren
  • GPIO device installieren
  • keymatic verkabeln und an GPIO device anschliessen
  • sprechanlage an GPIO device anschliessen
  • auth-system
  • netzwerkconfig
  • GPIO-Device korrekt aufhaengen
  • Gemeinsame Stromversorgung
    • Fritzbox (?)
    • brickme (?)
    • Keymatic (12V)
    • DING (5V)
    • Telefon (?)
  • Tuermagnet
  • Temperatursensor
  • Stromzaehlerleser