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The most kits we create and solder are build with SMD parts. SMD soldering is not so diffrent than "normal" soldering. The most diffrence, that the parts are smaller. So the kind of soldering is diffrent. In our workshop, we explain how to solder SMD parts.

We use plumb containing solder, eache place should be covered with f. ex. newspaper. After stopping soldering, hands should be cleaned.


  • clam hands
  • soldering experirience (good to have, but not nessasary)



per Person

  • Soldering unit
  • tweezer
  • tin solder

per 2-5 Persons

  • desoldering braid
  • soldering flux (fluid or solid)
  • side cutter
  • desoldering unit


  • Oszi
  • Multimeter
  • Power station


  • Programmer
  • Programmer cable
  • Power station