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The "new" inventory system for manageing the store of electronic parts in the hackerspace. The main idea is to use barcodes for identification and an always up-to-date database.


the inventory system consists of:

  • a barcode scanner (ms7120, omnidirectional)
  • a label printer (seiko ez30, 28mm*89mm labels)
  • a dedicated pc (fujitsu lifebook c345, pentium 2 or something)
  • sophisticated software connecting all the constituents
  • many plastic bags with barcode labels sticking on them and parts within them
  • a number of plastic boxes holding the bags



  • printer driver
  • barcode label generator
  • power supply unit for scanner
  • test of scanner with newly printed labels


  • get network for pc (need: pcmcia ethernet card)
  • set up pc (debian, netinstall, no PAE)
  • concept for database structure
  • design gui interface
  • find usable camera for taking pictures of the parts
  • automatize picture taking + association with parts
  • massive amount of people to help with initial catalogization